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About Bazichi

Bazichi is a group of experts who work as a team under the authority of Bazichi Co. The main purpose of existence of Bazichi is to cover and full fill the gaps between the online games and related industry with the players and users of E-sports .

Bazichi with regards to producing medias and etc. related to Online games and E-sports in Persian and thanks to the holding events and gaming tournaments and covering/reporting the International game competitions weekly in Persian, and producing video-content such as “stream-chi” has achieved a significant number of users and has become one of the most reliable and trusted medias among the Iranian and has a magnificent circle of influence in Iran.

Bazichi is an online gaming media with regards to producing very special ranges of online gaming contents and giving information and news and how to’s about games and E-sports to players and users .

About last days of 2017,  the expert Bazichi team has started its carrier , and today it has become one of the most reliable and most trusted channels among the IRANIAN core players of the online games and E-sports.

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